The Personal Shopper

    •    Complimentary consultation via Skype or at Curve locations to discuss wardrobe and lifestyle needs. Measurements to be taken or provided at this time.
    •    Curve consignment trunk will be prepared by selected BESPOKE Personal Shopping stylist and delivered to your location upon approval. Client will have 48 hours from time of delivery to close out consignment.
    •    Special orders and Pre Orders - place in season special orders as well as pre orders of future collections. 50% deposit required. Exchanges only.
    •    Gift Shopping-customized any occasion shopping needs.
*Hourly fees will apply for shopping affiliates.


The Closeteur

 •    Wardrobe audit and overhaul.
        •    Determine like, dislikes, needs, wants, and aspirations.
        •    Closet/s will be organized based on lifestyle and categories to also include wardrobe care. 
        •    Luxury amenities provided can include but are not limited to: monogramming, cataloging, storage, and archiving.
        •    Closet remodel consultation and supervision of renovation also provided.

We recommend a Stylist session to better determine wardrobe and shopping needs.

Closet Maintenance…
Curve Personal Shopping provides seasonal wardrobe shifting as well as garment and accessory care which is highly recommended for wardrobe longevity.

Fees start out at $100/hr. Session times run at a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 5 hours per session.

The Stylist

•    Complimentary consultation with an BESPOKE Personal Shopping stylist to define wardrobe and styling needs.
         •    Private fittings and styling sessions with an BESPOKE Personal Shopping  stylist at clients preferred location. Stylist will utilize client’s existing wardrobe and pull new pieces to create desired looks.
Other services offered:
         •    Alterations and design customization   
         •    Trip packing and planning

We recommend a Closeteur session to best determine your shopping and
wardrobe needs.

Stylist fees start at $150/hr.  Session times run at a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 5 hours per session. Pulling and returns are free of charge. BESPOKE Personal Shopping works with a selected range of designers, stores, and affiliates to offer a full range of well-curated product.